Belle Reservoir is a small group of hobbyist translators who aim to share their favorite webnovels to the rest of the world. These translations are brought to you by independent non-professional translators who work separately and rarely together with a whole team of co-translators, editors and/or proofreaders, therefore the translated webnovels may sparsely contain errors. You may report these errors through the Belle Reservoir discord server or through [email protected].

Do not download, repost or share!

We do not give permission to repost translations on any site other than Belle Reservoir. This includes ‘sharing’ translations on Wattpad ‘for offline reading purposes’ and/or downloading translations as offline reading documents such as EPUB, MOBI, PDF, etc.


Any request to translate the webnovels to another language is under the discretion of the original translator. Please ask for permission before re-translating any novels on this website into another language. You may do so through the Belle Reservoir discord server or through [email protected].